What is a talent’s map?  An informal way to create connections between different local talents! Often we fail to put our skills into practice as we would like, for many different reasons: lack of opportunities, inexperience in the sector, not having the right team or the right motivation. One of the solutions to this problem, according to GL’s experience, is mapping your community. But…what does ”mapping” mean? In order to talk about this, we want to share with you a story.
Marcella’s story: a bookseller who met…

Marcella has a bookshop in a rural area of ​​Southern Italy, in Basilicata. This area is subject to brain drain: most of the population is very old, the birth rate is very low, the level of early school leaving is very high. Like all the rural areas in Basilicata, it is really difficult for young people to live there. For all these reasons, Marcella decided to share her literary and cultural knowledge on the GL online platform. She talk about her cultural mission, her instruments and knowledge. After all, what can happen?

…Raffaele, an Europlanner.

Raffaele is an euro-designer registered on the same platform as Marcella. The platform gave them the opportunity to meet and discover that they share the same mission. The complementary skills of both have given life to a European project that has revived the bookshop and opened a cultural association in the area.

This story is just a small example of the huge potential and impact that mapping has! Thanks to mapping and the sharing of visions and skills, people are able to create creative and holistic solutions that respond to local problems. At the link below, you can find our map: all the people signed have specific skills and talents that they make available to others! https://www.generazionelucana.it/  Not only online!  The talents map is a tool that can be used online and offline! You don’t necessarily need to have an online platform: you need to create a common sharing environment. The model ”My talent map” is a great example: each community is made up of different people: knowing your talent and the talent of people around you, and how they can relate to each others creates a creative and stimulating space where new connections can be made and… turn the light on! You can find below the canvas ”my talent map” in order to investigate yourself too!